King Charles Primary School

Head Teacher's Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to King Charles: a place where children are inspired to achieve, engaged to learn and valued by all.

When visiting our school, you will be warmly welcomed by our office staff,  who will share our safeguarding routines and systems before entering our wonderful school fiction library. This is the heart of our school where pupils develop a love of reading in an environment inspired by the local history of King Charles II.

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As you walk through the school you will see courteous, well-mannered pupils who consistently demonstrate the 'KC Way' values, showing respect for each other, their surroundings and the equipment provided. The communal displays show how much we value the work of our children and the curriculum we deliver.  Classrooms are purposeful zones where current, previous and future learning is shared through working walls that are added to daily and referred to continuously as classes work collaboratively to achieve the challenges set. 

We pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide for our children to  access  ICT to enhance teaching and learning and this will be clear as you walk around and see pupils developing number fact knowledge, creating presentations demonstrating their learning or using technology to code, as well as being transported to other worlds in our immersive technology suite. You may witness pupils taking part in cooking lessons as part of a Maths unit on ratio in our Design Technology room, or a music lesson in our American style diner. All pupils, regardless of their ability or need, will be receiving quality first teaching with a wide range of support tools and strategies to enable them to make progress and succeed.  

When talking to pupils, visitors will be told about the wide range of extra-curricular clubs we offer including; debate club, chess club, cooking club, board-game club, coding club, choir and more. We want to celebrate the talents of our children and we are incredibly proud of the sporting achievements of the range of teams we have in school.

For learning to be effective,  memories and 'wow moments' that pupils will remember forever must be made. These, along with parent inspire days and expert visitors to the school, allow our children to access a fully rounded education with a balanced, broad curriculum.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school, please feel free to book an appointment to see our wonderful school for yourself!

Miss K Magner Headteacher

'The KC Way'  guides our journey towards excellence. Please watch our short video to learn more.

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